How to park a domain to coming soon page
13th August

How to park a domain to coming soon page

If you have a domain, it can be easily parked to you coming soon page created with our service.

First thing that you need to do for this is to add new domain to your domain list. Log in to your cabinet, go to domains section and click add domain button.

Add New Domain Page

Then type your domain name and select site that need to be displayed on this domain.

For the second step you need to go to the administrator panel of your domain provider (*), and point A record of you domain to our server.

Please point your A record to IP address

When your domain will be added and NS will be changed, we will check domain parking every five minutes. On success you will see parked badge near your domain name.

* We recommend GoDaddy for buying domains, because it's cheap and easy to maintain.

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